Spot Drills

Spot Drill Product Video

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Spot Drills can be modified In 2 - 3 working days

  • Modifications Include:
  • - Adding Coolant Thru
  • - Reduce Shank Diameters

Spot Drill Insert Loading Instructions

  • - Air Blast Pocket Clean
  • - Hold Insert in place (Chisel points to front & rear)

  • - Flatted corners are to prevent loading insert backwards

  • - Tighten clamps until each one makes light contact

  • - Alternate tightening screws several times until screws are tight


  • - Spot Drills are designed for drilling / plunging applications.
  • - The cutting pressure should be on the front of the insert.
  • - Spot Drills are Not intended for side milling
  • - For best performance always hold tool in a collet.
Spot Drills not intended for these applications.png
  • Spot drills should not be used for V-Groove Milling, Chamfer Milling
  • or to interpolate chamfers on existing holes.
    • Call K-Tool, Inc. Tech support if you have questions
    • about your specific application
    • 800-377-3056