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Special Tools
E-mail: Info@ktoolinc.com
Call or E-mail K-Tool Inc. tech support with any questions you may have about special tooling
K-Tool, Inc.
Special Tools
Drill & C-Bore Tool
Request Form
Drill & Chamfer Tool
Request Form
Most sizes Can Be made with
your choice of drill style
Chamfer Mill
Request Form
Most sizes Can Be made with
your choice of drill style
Long Edge Chamfer Mill
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Slotting Cutter
Request Form
T-Slot Cutter
Request Form
Back C-Bore Tool
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Special Tooling
We design and build many varieties of indexable tooling.

Requesting a quote from K-Tool, Inc.
for a special tool is very easy.
Simply fill out and send in one of the forms we have provided below.
Have something a little more complex, or if you don't see a form that suits your needs?
E-Mail us your part print with a description of what section of the part you want to machine
and what style of tool you are looking for. Our tech support staff will provide you a drawing or
contact you for any additional information that might be needed.
C-Bore / Core Drill
Request Form
Dual C-Bore Tool
Request Form
E-mail: Info@ktoolinc.com
Phone# 800-377-3056
Phone# 800-377-3056
Quotes & tool prints can normally be supplied in 2-3 days.
Our delivery times are probably the best in the industry .
The tools listed below are examples of special tooling that K-Tool Inc. can provide
Less complex special tools can normally be made in 3 - 5 working days.
More complex special tools can normally be made in 5-7 working days.
Larger complex special tools can normally be made in 2 - 3 weeks.
Less Complex Special Tools:
Counterbore Tools
Back Counter Bore Tools
Chamfer Mills
Special Length & Diameter Drills
T-Slot Cutters
Special Diameter Super Alloy Mills
Special Diameter Radius Mills
Special Diameter Button Cutter
Special Diameter Keli-Mill
Special Length Spot Drills
More Complex Special Tools:
Multi. Step Counter Bore Tools
Drill & Counter Bore Tools
Dual Counter Bore Tools
Drill, Counter Bore, & Chamfer Tools
Drill & Chamfer Tools
Dual Chamfer Mills
Long Edge Chamfer Mills
Hollow Mills
Special Slotting Cutters
Left Hand Special Tools
E-mail: Info@ktoolinc.com
Phone# 800-377-3056
Shell Mount Long Edge Chamfer Mill Request Form
K-Tool, Inc.
Made in the USA
E-mail: Info@ktoolinc.com
Phone# 800-377-3056